Lender And Broker Service For Asset Based Business Finance

Lender And Broker Service For Asset Based Business Finance

Saffron Financial provides brokerage services to businesses and individuals in the UK through a range of financial services.

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We Offer A UK-wide
Broker Service

Via a range of financial services

We Work With
Selected Lenders

for YOUR finance requirements

We Provide
Solutions For YOU

that serve YOUR best interests

We Prioritize
YOU First

and work hard to deliver results

Our Experienced Brokerage Team Have The Skills To Obtain Your Business Finance Requirements

  1. We will work with our lenders for the best solution to suit your needs, for free!
  2. We will liaise with you on each step of your finance journey.
  3. Get the service and funding you deserve to support your business.

    Hire Purchase

    Covering The Initial Cost Of High Value Purchases. Paying up front for brand new equipment or machinery can be expensive and put a strain on your cash flow.

    Secured and Unsecured Loans

    Unsecured Loans are a great funding option for businesses that don’t own many assets or a company that’s growing fast and needs finance quickly. A Secured Loan is a loan secured by assets – valuable items owned by the business.

    Re-finance of Existing Assets

    The advantage of refinancing is that you don’t need to own the assets outright, because lenders will base their offer on the equity you currently hold.


    If your business relies on high value equipment that needs to be upgraded on a regular basis leasing is a great option!

    Financing New Assets
    Invoice Finance

    This is an attractive funding method for businesses that need cash flow based on existing invoices or orders.

    Property and Bridge Funding

    The most recognisable purpose of a bridging loan is additional finance to buy a new property, whilst the sale of another property is still being completed.

    Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS)

    The Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS) is a government scheme to help UK businesses affected by coronavirus to access finance. Finance can be used for any legitimate business purpose, such as managing cash flow, investment and growth.

    Litigation Funding

    Litigation funding is where a third party provides the financial resources to enable costly litigation or arbitration cases to proceed. The litigant obtains all or part of the financing to cover its legal costs from a private commercial litigation funder, who has no direct interest in the proceedings.

    We do the hard work for you

    Saffron Financial assigns an Account Manager to help you get funded as quickly as possible

    Saffron Financial are specialists in alternative finance solutions, with an aim to making business finance simple. We offer a one-stop brokerage service with exclusive access to Saffron Asset Finance products and also to a select panel of third party lenders.

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    Saffron Financial is the in-house direct lead generation arm of Saffron Asset Finance

    Saffron Financial provides brokerage services to businesses and individuals in the UK through a range of financial services.

    If Your Business Needs Quick, Flexible Finance We Offer:

    Hire Purchase, Leasing, Financing New Assets, Re-finance of Existing Assets, Business Loans, Property and Bridge Funding, Invoice Finance, Litigation Funding, Secured and Unsecured Loans and The Recovery Loan Scheme.

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